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Council pickup - it's the time again! There's one day left, sadly the rain has ruined alot of good loot.

Last time I left you with a basic guide to the hunt. This time I'm just showing off the kind of loot you can score, despite bad weather.

13 bonsai pots in pristine condition, with accompanying odds and ends
various pots, bottles, bowls, and so on
4 piece furniture set in near new condition (a few minor scratches) - 1 desk, 2 bookcases, 1 side table.
1 solid wood bookcase, painted white
1 untested computer, with intent to salvage working parts (hard drives!)
1 pair of MP3 sunglasses, new in box and functional
1 oroton(?) scarf, pink leopard print, sheer, with 3 pulled threads (noticeable only on close inspection)
1 pink and white grass hula skirt
1 fire hose, srsly
3 untested scanners, with intent to make a DIY laser-cutter
19 leather cheque folder thingers (like you see at restaurants), for no real reason
a pair of near pristine crutches
1 very cool leather chair in excellent condition, swivel needs lubrication and has some rust on the base.
1 foam core surfboard, sans fins
1 canvas clothes hamper, in better condition than the one I have currently
1 wooden towel rack
2 brand new teddy bears (one medium+soft, the other large+normal)
1 brand new barbie doll, genuine
and various odds and ends

I spied a perfectly functional exercise bike in good condition. Checked it out to be be sure it was quality. But it was freaking heavy, I didn't know they could even be that heavy. By the time I went home, grabbed the car, and came back, it was gone. No exercise equipment for me this time round, it would seem. Still, a decent haul!

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> My two caps from Get Trucked sold quickly, and I was delighted to hear that they could have sold them over and over again, they were so popular.

> "Stare" at the Clare Hotel in Sydney - a selection of works are now hanging at the Clare, just a quick stroll from Central station, with thanks to The Wall. If you haven't seen my work in person before, head on down!

> I'm started to get sneak peeks at what the artists are working on for This Little Piggy, and I'm excited by what I see. There's some amazing stuff happening!

> Leeloo will be selling some new chokers featuring my artworks at the Brisbane Finders Keepers markets this coming weekend. After that, they'll be available through www.leeloo.com.au - sneak peek here

> This saturday just gone I sat down and had an interview with the fabulous and lovely Kristen from Side St Sydney, which will be published in the next month

> Happenstance Magazine issue 2 came out, and my work is featured inside. Twice! It's a good looking bi-annual mag with some damn spiffy content, get your hands on it for $10 a pop.

> I got the sweetest fan mail from an almost seven year old girl from Melbourne, telling me how much she likes my work. I was so touched, I sent her a little care package. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed getting her letter :)

> I'm very excited to be taking part in Once Upon. 38 fucking fantabulous artists, each allocated their own fairy tale to interpret (mine is "boy who cried wolf"). It's been getting some great coverage too, so I daresay it'll be packed on opening night. Make sure to rock up early and say hi! Opening night will be Thursday November 19th 2009 at aMBUSH gallery from 6pm to 9pm, with the exhibition open daily from 10am to 5pm through to Sunday 22nd November.

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Peek at one of the hats for Get Trucked, coming up next month at Per Square Metre down in Melbourne (part of Semi-Permanent, brought to us by 696). I'm making two hats - this one (unicorn skull with a japanese demon vibe) and a much cuter girly-er one with one of my ladies and a bunch of little teeth ghosts.

I post most of my process pics and sneak peeks over on twitter, follow me if you tweet :)

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Next Wednesday (2nd Sept), I'll be having a solo show entitled "My Phoenix Heart" at The Wall. Show Wednesday 2nd Sept at 8pm, so don't miss out!

link : clicky clicky here's the info

A great excuse to shake your ass like you mean it (any excuse for a party) Check out some new works, some old works, and meet the artist (me!) Come on down!

24-26 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross NSW. World Bar, Sydney

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Finally finished this piece - it's my largest to date, just over 1m square. "My Phoenix Heart"

I was all set to ship it to the gallery in QLD (19Karen), but then I got an email asking me to do a solo show! It's at The Wall in Sydney, this coming Wednesday night, 8pm til late. I'll post more details about it later, suffice to say it's rather short notice and I'm freaking out and over caffienating. Good times :)

I was also recently featured over at Lifelounge, which got me silly excited.

And "The Beekeepers Daughter" from my last post is going to be featured in Göoo Magazine (Pleasure edition), a bi-annual international art publication. Again, silly excited. That comes out towards the end of Sept.

I have to select the artists to show in This Little Piggy very soon. That's going to be a task and a half - over 100 artists expressed an interest, and alot of them are pretty fucking fabulous.

My next work will feature a Jorōgumo

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I mentioned the other day that I'd almost completed a rather experimental piece. Here as promised, pics of the finished work. The honeycombs are multi-colored embroidery. The wood is almost flush with the canvas, creating a slight shadow outline effect - I picked a subtle grain with honey tones to give it a soft feel.

I really enjoyed making this piece, and I'd like to continue experimenting with cut-outs and light effects. An insect cut-out series....
digital work - thoughtful

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Found out recently that I'm one of the artists showing in the Clothespeg Project this year. Showcasing over 200 works from about 85 artists, the exhibit will open in Sydney on Friday Sept 11 at the National Grid Gallery and then tour to open in Perth at the Slaughterblouse on Friday Oct 9. I'm quite exciterd to be part of it! It's the biggest group show I've been in to date, and the first to tour.

Been working on new things lately, 2 are nearly done, one of which is experimental - cutout canvas, wood panels, embroidery. I kind of converted the stencilling idea from my on-paper works... I'll post some pics once it's done. Below is a closeup of another (finished, my first piece on wood) which may end up being printed in a book in the next month or two.

I've been getting a tremendous response to the call out for artists for This Little Piggy. Some of the artists who have expressed an interest ... I'm genuinely stunned by the talent and variety of work. There's still over a week for people to apply, I'm expecting a rush of applications closer to the deadline. It's making me a bit nervous.

There's still a few days of voting left on my Cut to the Core design. I'm looking foward to seeing what the final rating is. Thank you all for being so tremendously supportive <3

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I've started selling random little things, including prints of some of my owls. I'll be releasing more prints as time goes by. I'm particularly looking foward to releasing prints of my girls.

I've been on twitter more than anything else lately. follow me if you have one. sometimes I'll be giving things away.

I have a facebook but I'm pretty sure I'm not using it right. unless that's really all there is to facebook...

I've had a myspace for a while. the word on the street is myspace is dead. kinda seems that way.

the main event! portfolio, news updates, the professional side of making pretty things.

keep your eyes out for upcoming goodness. magazine spread, doco interview, group show, and so forth! we live in exciting times, kids :)