Rebecca Murphy (emptyatelier) wrote,
Rebecca Murphy

Found out recently that I'm one of the artists showing in the Clothespeg Project this year. Showcasing over 200 works from about 85 artists, the exhibit will open in Sydney on Friday Sept 11 at the National Grid Gallery and then tour to open in Perth at the Slaughterblouse on Friday Oct 9. I'm quite exciterd to be part of it! It's the biggest group show I've been in to date, and the first to tour.

Been working on new things lately, 2 are nearly done, one of which is experimental - cutout canvas, wood panels, embroidery. I kind of converted the stencilling idea from my on-paper works... I'll post some pics once it's done. Below is a closeup of another (finished, my first piece on wood) which may end up being printed in a book in the next month or two.

I've been getting a tremendous response to the call out for artists for This Little Piggy. Some of the artists who have expressed an interest ... I'm genuinely stunned by the talent and variety of work. There's still over a week for people to apply, I'm expecting a rush of applications closer to the deadline. It's making me a bit nervous.

There's still a few days of voting left on my Cut to the Core design. I'm looking foward to seeing what the final rating is. Thank you all for being so tremendously supportive <3

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