Rebecca Murphy (emptyatelier) wrote,
Rebecca Murphy

Council pickup - it's the time again! There's one day left, sadly the rain has ruined alot of good loot.

Last time I left you with a basic guide to the hunt. This time I'm just showing off the kind of loot you can score, despite bad weather.

13 bonsai pots in pristine condition, with accompanying odds and ends
various pots, bottles, bowls, and so on
4 piece furniture set in near new condition (a few minor scratches) - 1 desk, 2 bookcases, 1 side table.
1 solid wood bookcase, painted white
1 untested computer, with intent to salvage working parts (hard drives!)
1 pair of MP3 sunglasses, new in box and functional
1 oroton(?) scarf, pink leopard print, sheer, with 3 pulled threads (noticeable only on close inspection)
1 pink and white grass hula skirt
1 fire hose, srsly
3 untested scanners, with intent to make a DIY laser-cutter
19 leather cheque folder thingers (like you see at restaurants), for no real reason
a pair of near pristine crutches
1 very cool leather chair in excellent condition, swivel needs lubrication and has some rust on the base.
1 foam core surfboard, sans fins
1 canvas clothes hamper, in better condition than the one I have currently
1 wooden towel rack
2 brand new teddy bears (one medium+soft, the other large+normal)
1 brand new barbie doll, genuine
and various odds and ends

I spied a perfectly functional exercise bike in good condition. Checked it out to be be sure it was quality. But it was freaking heavy, I didn't know they could even be that heavy. By the time I went home, grabbed the car, and came back, it was gone. No exercise equipment for me this time round, it would seem. Still, a decent haul!

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